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yes, this is ms. frost. i’m afraid i’m going to have to cancel my 3:00 pedicure. on account of what? how about the supreme stupidity of everyone else in the world but me?


Can we get a movie please?! :)

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The Star—- The Star represents a moment of renewed hope, inspiration and discovery.
Will be submitting as a tee. c:T-ShirtsCommissions


The Star
The Star represents a moment of renewed hope, inspiration and discovery.

Will be submitting as a tee. c:


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Clearing up Some Misconceptions About Wonder Woman


One of my favorite guest posters, Tim Hanley, has taken his love of comics to a new level. This week his book about Wonder Woman becomes available. I’ve read a copy and if you like Wonder Woman or woman in comics, you need to read this book. Buy it here. To celebrate the release, Tim is guest posting again and this time he takes on some misconceptions about Wonder Woman and her world.


Tim’s thoughts follow.

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"One of my favorite mottos, I actually have it written on a post-it over my computer. I look at it every single day. It was said by a poet named Rumi and it goes, ‘Do not be satisfied with stories, that which has come before. Unfold your own myth.’ And that is our challenge. Every single one of us, no matter the categories we have inherited. We must unfold our own myth. And it won’t be easy. We’re constantly navigating, rearranging, reinventing others’ expectation of ourselves everyday. But every word we write in the narrative of our own lives, we come closer to uncovering what’s beneath our own masks, maybe even embracing that true misfit, that true crazy one within. Oh, it’ll be a fight, that’s for sure, but that battle for your soul, for your authentic self. It’s worth it, isn’t it? It’s bold, it’s brave. In fact, I would say it’s heroic. So now, it’s your turn: tell me your story.

Myths, Misfits, & Masks by Sana Amanat at TedxTeen (x)

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